what's happening

In April 2015, a mysterious hacker group calling themselves The Collective launched a twitter campaign promising to expose the dirty secrets of celebrities our society worships blindly and the overpaid entertainment industry executives who champion them. While initially written off as an April Fool's joke, and a not particularly compelling one at that, within a week photographs and personal information were making their rounds on some of the world's most frequented discussion forums. As gossip sites started to pick up pieces of the story from Reddit and elsewhere, The Collective promised more to come...

when it's happening

The #WRECKONING will begin on April 1st. Ready or not, here we come.

about the project

This is a collaborative project for ~starring members. It will span the entire month of April and participation is totally voluntary! What will be taking place is a community-wide hack, not unlike the iCloud and Sony leaks, during which time we hope to explore and develop our characters by focusing on the aftermath of and the reactions of our characters to this gross invasion of privacy. Details about the group responsible for the hack will be made available as the event progresses.

the news

In order to streamline this process and better allow everyone to focus on reacting to the leaks, the news aspect of this event will be handled with a two-pronged approach: an interactive community on ij that will serve as a hub for "gossip bloggers" and this website itself, a no frills knock-off of TMZ full of headline bait and entirely devoid of shame. Being included on one, the other, or both is also totally voluntary and will be left up to your discretion. And please feel free to have your characters write their own op-eds or commentary as an update if you'd like to!


What's the good in having embarrassing material stolen and seen by millions if nobody at least makes a joke out of it? ~hollyzoo will serve as our Perez Hilton. Several volunteers will adopt blogger personalities for the run of the event and will be providing ongoing commentary, corny jokes, and amazing (by MS Paint 96 standards) graphics as new leaks come to light.


As a complement to the gossip community, a TMZ-like site will be operating that you can include your character on by writing up a very short (6-10 sentences!) 'article' covering what was leaked, when, and if your character reacted publicly whether through PR statements or tv/magazine interviews or public breakdown or whatever your heart desires. The Wreckoning site will differ from hollyzoo in that it will be self-submitted and presented in the form of "breaking news" as opposed to op-eds. This submission can serve as your proof of participation, if you would like to use this event as your April activity req. This site will go live on April 1st, stay tuned!

some ideas on getting involved
if you feel your character isn't famous enough to be directly hacked...
    • have them written about by an NPC third party in leaked emails like the sony hack. directors/producers/music industry bigwigs, whatever your heart desires!
    • reach out to other people ic that are participating, get caught up in someone else's leaked texts/twitter DMs/however cool kids communicate.
    • if all else fails... remember mena suvari (who peaked before most of our characters left middle school) and hulk hogan's son were both hit by the icloud leak, then ask yourself is my character really less relevant than hulk hogan's son? because the answer is no. just. no.

acting-specific ideas...
    • casting rumors.
    • fights with agents/studio heads/directors/crew.
    • studio people writing snarky emails about the celeb being a diva or a pain in the ass.
    • being courted by another agency/manager/PR/whatever.

music-specific ideas...
    • new music leaks! the tracks may not really exist, but i promise the rest of us will pretend they were amazing.
    • "footage" from backstage of whatever bad behavior you desire.
    • drafts of lyrics.
    • proposed collaborations.
    • the list of whatever they want in their green room.

    • narratives describing leaked "videos"
    • pregnancy scares/paternity tests.
    • creepy ass fans sending creepy ass gifts/emails to celebs.
    • mocking (probably those ^) fans.
the timeline

april 1st - "the collective" starts posting ominous tweets

april 6th - the first round of leaks is announced

april 12th - second round of leaks announced

april 20th - third round of leaks announced

april 27nd - fourth round of leaks announced

may 4th - fifth round of leaks announced

may 5th - #wreckoning wraps up!

You are by no means required to have your actual update posted by the date of any leak! And anyone is more than welcome to have multiple leaks for their character over the course of the event, if they so choose. But if you have a bare bones idea in mind for what you plan to have released for your character during the hack, we encourage you to let us know using this simple form if you'd like the "news" to be covered by hollyzoo and/or #wreckoning so that we can work on including you in a timely manner.